Växjö Hydraulservice AB

About Växjö Hydraulservice AB

The company was founded in 1979. At that time, the focus was on repairing broken hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors, which are still a large part of the company.

In 1989, a collaboration was initiated with AMAB Hydraul AB in Malmö. AMAB Hydraul AB is a selling company and Växjö Hydraulservice AB is a manufacturing and service company, this complements each other well.



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The business is built on three branches:

  • Design and manufacturing
  • Service and Repairs
  • Sale of components
  • With these three branches, the company is not as sensitive to the business cycle. In good times, customers buy new, in worse times you want to repair and in between you fix a little yourself with purchased components.

Why are we unique compared to other hydraulic companies?

Well, we ”tailor” plants to the customer’s wishes and needs – Special builds on the customer’s request. All documentation, drawings, machine instructions and maintenance instructions are included in the system according to the Machinery Directive.

We are not branded

We are dealers for: Bosch Rexroth, Amab Hydraul, Parker, Hydac, Motorex, Sauer-Danfoss mf.

We repair pumps and motors of all makes, provided that there are still parts available.