Electric amplifier VT11023-16

Rexroth Electric amplifier module
För styrning av 4WRE6-1X
The amplifier module VT 11 023
075 are used for the closed loop control of direct operated proportional
directional valves with electric positional feedback (type 4WRE:
sizes 6 and 10).
# Differential input
# Adjustable ramp generator (max ramp time 5 s)
# Step function generator (only with VT 11 023 and VT 11 024)
# Two pulsed current output stages
# Controller for the valve spool position
# Polarity safeguard for the voltage supply
# Oscillator and demodulator for the inductive positioning signalling
# Controller release
# Cable break recognition
# LED-displays: ”power” ? internal supply voltage (green)
”H1” ? multifunction indicator (orange)

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